Posted by: shazrezam | August 17, 2009

A portrait a day – Day 4

It’s become more tedious lah to achieve my target of having a different subject to capture for this ‘A Portrait a day’ project. It’s suppose to be easy. All I need to do is find a subject, pick up my camera and snap. Sesenang ABC sepatutnya. Tapi, apa yg berlaku, sebaliknya. Not that I don’t have a subject to capture, most of the subject yg aku nak capture taknak aku tangkap gambar diorang..  *sigh*   Kena asah lebih lagi lah skil interaksi aku ni utk pujuk subjek utk agreed utk aku tangkap gambar diorang. Anyway, for today, I cheat again lah. This portrait was taken on the same day as day 3, but during night time lah. Since I’m using my beloved 400D, noise dia punyer lah visible sampai tak hingatlah (tak guna flash, ISO angkat sampai 800). Tapi, aku dah reduce skit lah pakai Lightroom.

Balik from masjid


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